A Boomer's Tale


Jack Darrow, trial lawyer, husband, and father has lost his way. Longing for the passion and excitement of youth, he is stuck in the mundane realities of his “normal life.” To “find himself” Jack embarks on a camping trip that quickly turns deadly. Accosted by vagrants bent on murder, Jack escapes through a mysterious cave and is hurled across time to a medieval world of Dark Riders, Trogs, sadistic rulers, and the arms of the gypsy beauty, Kara. Having no understanding of the mysterious forces that brought him to this dangerously exciting new life, Jack is torn between his devotion to the family he left behind and the newfound passions of youth as he struggles for survival, love, and his life’s truth.“A Boomer’s Tale” is a stunningly unique twist on the two-worlds adventure/romance of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series.

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"A time-travel treat with a captivating hero....Characterization is strong in this enjoyable spin on Outlander...smooth-flowing narrative...which take on the flavor of an Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp novel as man-out-of-his-time Jack rallies the rebels"  - Kirkus

"Filled with gripping encounters and clashes with self and the world...It will keep readers engrossed and thinking long after the tale's epic conclusion, which links not only disparate worlds, but newly healed hearts." - Midwest Book Reviews

The First Gospel

Edessa, Turkey 943 A.D.: Eighty thousand Byzantine knights lay siege to a Muslim citadel.  Prepared to raze the city, the Byzantine commander offers to spare it if the Muslim emir will hand over a fourteen-foot piece of linen. The stunned emir readily delivers the cloth that holds the greatest mystery the world has ever known. 


Arizona 1100 years later: Mathew Carter, a young former lawyer who waits tables and hangs out at the beach, attends his university’s homecoming game. While wandering his old campus after the game, he discovers the brutally murdered remains of his old professor, Samuel Rosen.  When Matt returns home, shocked by his favorite professor’s death, he finds a letter from Rosen posted the night of his murder.  In it Rosen begs Matt to protect a Carter family heirloom (an eleven-hundred- year old parchment) that Rosen carbon-dated twelve years earlier. Unbeknownst to Matt, the parchment holds the key to the two-thousand- year-old mystery of the Cloth of Edessa, a mystery Rosen was prepared to put to rest until powerful forces ended his life.  Now

Matt becomes the unwitting prey of those same forces that will stop at nothing to keep his parchment’s truth hidden. From the magnificent opulence of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome to the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and beaches of Southern California, readers will become part of Matt’s frantic search for a truth that will forever change political, religious, and industrial fortunes around the world … even as Matt fights for his own survival.

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The Condor Song
Sean Donovan lost everything: his wife, kids, job, and license to practice law. Abandoned by his wife, betrayed by a friend, and fired by his firm, it has taken thirteen years for Sean to come back, now barely eking out a living on minor cases while his former firm thrives. When Buck Anderson, renowned environmentalist from Sean’s hometown is murdered, Sean reunites with Buck’s niece at the old man’s funeral. She begs Sean to join the Sierra Club’s case to stop a major ski development by a Disney-type company, the very case on which Buck was working when he was killed. Sean agrees, but learns too late that his former firm represents the opposition with motives more sinister than their client’s ski development. THE CONDOR SONG is an environmental legal thriller set against California’s rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains in which a man lost to the world he thought he knew tries to find redemption in the face of impossible odds.

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The Third Term

U.S. President, Aidan Sullivan, won a landslide victory to a second term. His popularity has reached heights never imagined as his term nears its end. The economy thrives; the U.S. is feared by friend and foe... perfect for his followers to push for repeal of the 22nd Amendment and open the door for a third term. But there is something wrong, so wrong it could loose an evil beyond any the world has ever known. Laura Miller, once a top reporter, has lost her position at a major newspaper because of a presidential expose gone wrong. As she struggles to learn what happened, she discovers an incredible truth about the president. Unfortunately, her enemy learns what she knows, and thus begins the harrowing pursuit that results in the deaths of those close to Laura. It's a story of suspense, in which a woman against insurmountable odds must face her demons or die. It gives a spellbinding account of potential reality and hurtles the reader through the deepest emotions of fear to a shocking conclusion.

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Mary's Son A Tale of Christmas

Eleven-year-old Sarah Stone is lonely in a mansion amidst butlers, nannies, housekeepers, and a father who is too busy for her. She is angry at the world. On the other side of town, in a slum called the Sink, Jared Roberts and his gang barely survive broken families and a hardscrabble existence. Jared, too, is angry, and intends to do something about it. He eyes Sarah's mansion for a pre-Christmas burglary that will show the world who he really is.Into this mix comes a mysterious little man named Nicholas, who intrigues, yet scares, Sarah and Jared. Against incredible doubt and cynicism, Nicholas tries to guide the two youths away from their anger and the suffering that will follow, only to realize he can not move them. Finally, he whisks them to another time and place where a Christmas long ago teaches them the true meaning of life in a way they never imagined.MARY'S SON is a modern tale of the fears and passions of youth overcome by the wonder of the real Christmas story.

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