A Boomer's Tale

Release Date - November 1, 2019

     “A Boomer’s Tale” tells the story of Jack Darrow, a highly successful, mid-50’s lawyer who is sick of his mundane life and longs to again experience the passion and excitement of youth - to do something important, like save a “damsel in distress,” as in the hero adventures of old. 


     At his wife’s suggestion, Jack tries to get his head together on a “guys” camping trip to Big Sur, along the magnificent North Central Coast of California, but something happens. Jack finds himself transported to another world, thirty years younger, where he rediscovers the passion and excitement of youth. While Jack’s family back home mourns his death, Jack battles Trogs, the Black Guard, and the greed of power hungry rulers, as he tries to save the gypsy beauty Kara and her people. But Jack begins to understand something he never expected: the passion and excitement he wanted so desperately was in front of him all along, first in a cynical society that still needed men of good will, but most important with the woman he’d loved since college. But is it too late for Jack? Can he ever get back? And after long months away, does anyone still want him?

     Seventeen-year-old, Joey Rodriguez knew his baseball talent was his ticket out of the slums; but that was before … before he bullied that helpless kid and laughed about it, before he sought and got revenge against former friend, Jared Roberts, to teach him a lesson, and before he ran. His life suddenly out of control, Joey is pursued by the police and haunted by the weird new kid who claims to have the answers. Which way now, Joey? 


     In this stand-alone follow-up to the critically acclaimed bestseller, Mary’s Son, A Tale of Christmas, we find the kids grown into young adults and dealing with the pains, joys, and pressures of the teen years, each going in a different direction, with some going to the dark ways of the mean streets. As Easter approaches, the school’s new kid exhibits strengths and powers that will forever change those with whom he comes in contact. 

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