"Destined to be a new holiday classic.”  - The Christian Standard  

 “The most anticipated new Christmas release this year … Destined to be a new holiday classic.”   
- The Christian Standard”
 "Mary’s Son has to be one of the best Christmas based novels I have ever had the pleasure of   reading...a breathtaking novel...enthralling from beginning to end...heart laced... a stunning piece of   fiction that will thrill and excite its readers." - Red Headed Book Lover Review 
 “Your story stands out to me because it takes place in the present day so it really relates to my   generation.  Your story also is inspiring to me because it shows me that I need to have hope in everything I do.”
- 8th Grade Student 
 “[the book] should be required reading for middle schoolers across America. … Mary’s Son is the first   [book] that I have found that hold[s] the interest of my [junior high] students and also incorporates Christian values…
I plan on keeping this treasured book in my curriculum year after year.”
 - 7th  grade teacher in Torrance, California 
 It is “a timely, inspirational novel” that has the “hallmarks of a new Christmas classic.”  
 - Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus. 
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 Mary's Son: A Tale of Christmas 

 A story of two angry young people bent on their own destruction, who are visited by a mysterious old man just before Christmas.  He tries in vain to help them until, in desperation, he whisks them back in time to witness the first Christmas. They learn the real meaning of their lives in a heart-rending   climax that will evoke the deepest emotions from all readers.   




   Most Inspirational/Motivational book for Young Adults and Juveniles (age 9-12) and in Fiction for Adults.  


Winner of Silver Medal Benjamin Franklin Award  


 Best Cover Design 

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