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"Filled with gripping encounters and clashes with self and the world...It will keep readers engrossed and thinking long after the tale's epic conclusion, which links not only disparate worlds, but newly healed hearts."

- Midwest Book Reviews

"Characterization is strong in this enjoyable spin on Outlander...smooth-flowing narrative...which take on the flavor of an Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp novel as man-out-of-his-time Jack rallies the rebels"  - Kirkus

"A time-travel treat with a captivating hero."

- Kirkus

"The hugely imaginative, masterfully written"

- The Resident

"Rehabilitating the Soul of America, One Story at a Time"

Darryl was recently featured in the 5 over 50 campaign for Perennial, where they highlight individuals who are changing the conversation about aging, showing that we are capable of anything at any age.

"While some people take fewer risks later in life, Nyznyk had “the realization that one can age and not get old,” discovering his second career as a writer to be one of the many surprising gifts of his later years...More and more, he sees his outlook on aging reflected in society’s conversation around age. Tasking fellow Baby Boomers to mentor younger generations and create this shift, Darryl insists Boomers are up for the challenge since they are lifelong rebels who “don’t want to go quietly into that good night. We want to go kicking, screaming, loving, learning, and giving.” - Live Perennial 

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THE RISING - The second story in the Mary's Son Trilogy 

     Seventeen-year-old, Joey Rodriguez knew his baseball talent was his ticket out of the slums; but that was before … before he bullied that helpless kid and laughed about it, before he sought and got revenge against former friend, Jared Roberts, to teach him a lesson, and before he ran. His life suddenly out of control, Joey is pursued by the police and haunted by the weird new kid who claims to have the answers. Which way now, Joey? 


     In this stand-alone follow-up to the critically acclaimed bestseller, Mary’s Son, A Tale of Christmas, we find the kids grown into young adults and dealing with the pains, joys, and pressures of the teen years, each going in a different direction, with some going to the dark ways of the mean streets. As Easter approaches, the school’s new kid exhibits strengths and powers that will forever change those with whom he comes in contact.

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