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U.S. President, Aidan Sullivan, won a landslide victory to a second term. His popularity has reached heights never imagined as his term nears its end. The economy thrives; the U.S. is feared by friend and foe... perfect for his followers to push for repeal of the 22nd Amendment and open the door for a third term. But there is something wrong, so wrong it could loose an evil beyond any the world has ever known. Laura Miller, once a top reporter, has lost her position at a major newspaper because of a presidential expose gone wrong. As she struggles to learn what happened, she discovers an incredible truth about the president. Unfortunately, her enemy learns what she knows, and thus begins the harrowing pursuit that results in the deaths of those close to Laura. It's a story of suspense, in which a woman against insurmountable odds must face her demons or die. It gives a spellbinding account of potential reality and hurtles the reader through the deepest emotions of fear to a shocking conclusion.

THE RISING - The second story in the Mary's Son Trilogy 

     Seventeen-year-old, Joey Rodriguez knew his baseball talent was his ticket out of the slums; but that was before … before he bullied that helpless kid and laughed about it, before he sought and got revenge against former friend, Jared Roberts, to teach him a lesson, and before he ran. His life suddenly out of control, Joey is pursued by the police and haunted by the weird new kid who claims to have the answers. Which way now, Joey? 


     In this stand-alone follow-up to the critically acclaimed bestseller, Mary’s Son, A Tale of Christmas, we find the kids grown into young adults and dealing with the pains, joys, and pressures of the teen years, each going in a different direction, with some going to the dark ways of the mean streets. As Easter approaches, the school’s new kid exhibits strengths and powers that will forever change those with whom he comes in contact.

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